Thats typical. I am amazed that many men did come out psychologically scarred, having no treatment.but still got their live together to function and cope To me Lenas generation was a very strong one. I knew Lena briefly because I had to have an urgent medical problem taken care of at the VA and she helped me cut much of the red tape. If possible I would like to speak with you about setting up an introduction so that his niece can speak with you. This has been an exclusively a mans kingdom. BASILONE, in charge of 2 sections of heavy machine guns, fought valiantly to check the savage and determined assault. Although she was just. Lena never remarried and she lived in California until her death in 1999. Despite their supply lines having been cut off by enemies who had infiltrated into the rear, Basilone fought through hostile ground to resupply his heavy machine gunners with urgently needed supplies. A very young, excited female Marine escorted her to the front of the room to cut the ceremonial cake! It doesnt go into as much depth as you have but it does give her closure in the series. Year Title Role Notes 1999 On the Q.T. I wanted t join the USMC in 1st MARDIV but my cousin and uncle were already there and I had to settle for the Army. Vera, always treasure what John and Lena were, real icons and professionals. These drones can remain airborne until a target is identified at which point they set a course for that target and go out in a blaze of glory. The Army for many years was their home and that was all they knew.Their dedication to our country made us what we are today.To me John and Lena Basilone are larger than life legends to me. She is truely my hero as well as her husband. Lena was notified of his death on March 7, 1945 -- her 32nd birthday. Born on November 4, 1916 in Ruritan, New Jersey, Basilone was the six of ten children in an Italian family and would grow up as a tough young man. My mother was a lot like Lena. In October, he and the two machine-gun sections under his command held off an attack by a numerically far superior Japanese force. Fortunately, I had an uncle who was a surgeon on the civilian side who took care of the problem> I served as a medic in the US Army by default. Each time his visions came to pass - including the last - foretelling his death. My husband was stationed in California in the 80s; I even stayed with one of his relatives in Riverside while he checked in at MCRD San Diego. She one of a kind,who we may never see the likes of again. My cousins, and two uncles fought there and I learned quickly what Vietnam was about. To me John was a legend whose legacy will not be matched for a long time. She always appeared and acted much younger than her actual age. My uncles Dwight, Gil and Corky fought on Iwo. It should be cherished by Marines Past, Present, and Future. Lena was a legend as was John.Lena helped a lot of vets at the VA navigate the system and get what they needed. This is where the television show concludes and unfortunately for curious viewers, the show apparently did not include any follow-up information about John Basilones widow. He was killed on February 19, 1945 in an exchange of heavy gunfire on Iwo Jima. I am so proud to be from a military family. A scrapbook compiled by the family of US Marine Sgt. I was a medic to engineers when I was in the National Guards and Engineers are over overbearing about safety. She was also constantly on top of mess hall sanitation too, which hers was the best on Pendleton. Eternal be his memory . I met her sometime in 1986 when she visited our church and we became instant friends. Lena never remarried. John Basilone (04 November 1916 to 19 February 1945) was a United States Marine Corps gunnery sergeant who received the Medal of Honour for heroism above and beyond the call of duty during the Battle for Henderson Field in the Guadalcanal campaign, and the Navy Cross posthumously for extraordinary heroism during the Battle of . : My dad was the same way even though. Though the battle was fierce and the Marines' defensive positions were being barraged, Sgt. It was so sad that they never got to spend their lives together. She responded that she had served as a Marine in the early 70s. [12] After the parade, Basilone toured the country raising money for the war effort and achieved celebrity status. Lena Basilone, wife of Sgt. Lena passed away in 1999 at age 86 and is buried at Riverside National Cemetery at plot 50 grave 5557 with the epitaph "wife of Sgt John Basilone USMC". Leave a sympathy message to the family on the memorial page of John R Basilone to pay them a last tribute. After completing middle school at age 15, he dropped out prior to attending high school. Women make the Marines the effective force they are today.Without Lena, this would not have occurred as easily. However, in John's case, something got mixed up. I tried my hardest through the years to get Lena to consent to be buried in Arlington Natioal Cemetary with her Johnny. Explore John Basilone net worth, birthday, height, age, bio, salary, 2023! SSG RickDoc Borenstein US Army (Ret). When she reached adulthood she left Oregon to attend business school. She purchased a home in Lakewood, California and lived there for over 50 years until her death. Such a self-effacing woman she must have been, all the while doing so much good for others! However, I was impressed by the story of Lena and John Basilone. [17][18][19], His actions helped Marines penetrate the Japanese defense and get off the landing beach during the critical early stages of the invasion. I caught the tail end of it when we had to get our ADA missiles out of there. Thank You very much for being Lenas family. There are few like them. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroism and died in February 1945 during the invasion of Iwo Jima. But she always contended it would be too much trouble. Some familys recognized that the problem existed after the war and helped them. Why was no other keel ever laid down in his honor? Paul I want to learn about Nam because what my commanders in Basic, AIT, and even in units I later joined trained this old medic in Vietnam methods, tactics and how to stay alive, especially when the cry medic was heard, aka our fatal flaw. i know in the movie she went to visit his parents. He was an Army NCO in his mind. Lena's obituary notes that she never remarried and was buried still wearing her wedding ring. The television show featured her as a significant character in the final episode: The Pacific Part 8: Iwo Jima: While he is training a company of recruits in the fine art of killing Japanese, Basilone meets Lena Riggi, a female Marine just turned 30 and cynical as hell about the advances of yet another lonely guy in uniform, especially a celebrity who can get the best tables at the nicest restaurants. . I have had female cousins who were excellent NCOs and the Israeli army.If it was not for Marines like Lena Basilone and John Basilone the marines would not be the organization they are today. For extraordinary heroism while serving as a Leader of a Machine-Gun Section, Company C, 1st Battalion, 27th Marines, 5th Marine Division, in action against enemy Japanese forces on Iwo Jima in the Volcano Islands, 19 February 1945. Regards,Doc, Robin: I second a lot of Pauls comments. These Marines were the pioneers who created an Army I passed my torch unto as well as Marine Corps we have today. JOHN BASILONE OBITUARY. He then attacked with grenades and demolitions, single-handedly destroying the entire strong point and its defending garrison. I agree with you, for theres more to the story then meets the eye. Shrewdly gauging the tactical situation shortly after landing when his company's advance was held up by the concentrated fire of a heavily fortified Japanese blockhouse, Gunnery Sergeant BASILONE boldly defied the smashing bombardment of heavy caliber fire to work his way around the flank and up to a position directly on top of the blockhouse and then, attacking with grenades and demolitions, single handedly destroyed the entire hostile strong point and its defending garrison. I have had 5 combat deployments and was spooked after Bosnia,my unit had a psychiatrist I saw him off duty for a year and the military was none the wiser. My father,Dr Milt Borenstein was a combat medic in the Pacific Attached to the USMC under General Roy Geiger of Guadalcanal fame.When Lena met John she was in charge of a mess hall at Camp Pendleton,California. I miss Lena even it was a brief time I knew her .Regards,SSG Rick Doc Borenstein Ret, Hi Barbara, After seeing pacific and reading about John Basilone i have so much admiration for the both of them. Hi Robin: I second what you said. In later life she served at the VA ;and everyone she came into contact with. He became a doctor and served his community well. I have been a combat veteran from the Vietnam era to Iraq. She helped veterans thru the hospital maze at LA VA.Both Audie Murphy and John Basilone were soldiers who we will never see their likes again.Toghetje both these women gave immeasurable service to veterans and made sure we got what we needed.Lena served her Marine corps with distiinction and a pride which established the standard of what Marines needed to aspire to be. Lena was a pioneer and an example many Marines can follow, I forgot to comment on you father. GOD bless you, and thank you for evidently just being you. They both are heros of mine. I finally got to see the Pacificand I was just blown away! Janet Bowman Johnson is looking for anyone stationed at Camp Pendleton in 1965-66, and/or who attended Boot Camp February, March of 1965 at CamPen sge originally worked at Battalion Hqtrs, then at the Training Aids Library Read about Elize McKelvey and her unique job. I needed urgent medical care at a VA medical center.Lena help cut much of the red tape get me in for care that very day.I have never forgotten what she did. His great personal valor and courageous initiative were in keeping with the highest traditions of the U.S. My name is Ali Bardeguez, and I was wondering if maybe you had some insight to her upbringing? He was the only enlisted Marine to receive both of these decorations in World War II. We also appreciated the material contributions you made to the war effort.As medics, my father and I kept many people alive when injured but we also kept them up mentally and maintained their health. A strong woman of her duty to the Marine Corps and steadfast in her love of a man and not the legend. I sometimes wonder how my family members who fought on Peleliu,Okinawa, and Iwo Jima fought on an island cemetery,the constant artillery and mortar fire, and combat. After receiving the Medal of Honor for his actions at Guadalcanal, Marine Corps legend GySgt John Basilone fought in the Battle of Iwo Jima. As I have commented she was a LEGEND as was John. Ssg Rick Doc Borenstein (Ret) Combat Medic.As we come to remember our fallen comrades which includes Johe Basilone Jr. Vera.and Msg Lena Basilone, I take pride in theilives and their leadership as USMC NCOs. It was the only one standing as the 9th Division approached and crossed it. May 26, 2016 4:29 PM PT. I am proud to speak to a member of John and Lenas family, Hi Vera, are you a relative of SGT Basilone? John Basilone Section 12, Grave 384 Gunnery Sergeant John Basilone (1916-1945) was awarded the Medal of Honor for extraordinary heroism in combat at Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, in October 1942. The service teachs you to do things bigger than yourself. When the last of the ammunition ran out shortly before dawn on the second day, Basilone, using his pistol and a machete, held off the Japanese soldiers attacking his position. and we lost fewer soldiers because of better medical. I wish i was around then. I was so happy for them both when they got married. Why did she not want to be buried with or near him? The Marines were vastly outnumbered and under-gunned and had the dubious task of defending the most important airfield in the South Pacific. I especially loved the story about Manila John and Sgt Lena! I found that the combatants descended into a savage war the like I hope we never see again. They were both technically saavy at their jobs and legendary leaders as NCOs.They are heros to me, as the members of my family who answered the call and still do to this day, my family in Israel. One must remember that Sgt Basilone volunteer to return to battle which he did not have too being a MOH recipient. God love the brothers from Nam and I never stop thinking about you guys. I am proud to be a citizen from the same country, USA, as these two remarkable people and salute their service and sacrifices. I wonder why she only appeared in public the one time on his behalf Did she ever say more about her husband or her marriage? Thats a hard thing to take, but she took it and carried on. Basilone's mother, Theadora Bencivenga, was born in 1889 and grew up in Manville, New Jersey, but her parents, Carlo and Catrina, also came from Benevento. On December 8, 1941, she went to go shopping. I served from 73-2007 Vietnam era to Iraq. Japan initiated it and made the rules in my mind, The USMC adapted and fought accordingly. It was great. He then fought his way toward Airfield Number 1 and aided a Marine tank that was trapped in an enemy mine field under intense mortar and artillery barrages. He then repaired and manned another machine gun, holding the defensive line until relief arrived. She died in 1999 and was buried wearing her wedding ring. Lena was raised in my hometown of Portland, OR. Basilone is interred in Arlington National Cemetery, in Section 12, Grave 384, grid Y/Z 23.5. She may have never forgiven him for going back into battle. I love reading everything about ww2 and the greatest generation. My dad was a medic on Peleliu. He went to recruit training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, followed by training at Marine Corps Base Quantico and New River. I want to reduce veteran suicide statistic rate. Megan, I met Lena long after she served in the USMC. After his death, he was buried in Arlington National Cemetery. I do miss her to this day. The other person that helped vets in the LA area was Audie L Murphys wife, Terry. They will forever belong to a Band of Brothers and Sisters who willingly served this Country when she called. We will be running around all weekend for various events with the Commandant of the Marine Corps and of course multiple Iwo Jima survivors. On the night of Oct. 24, 1942, on the island of Guadalcanal, a Japanese regiment of 3,000 troops attacked a handful of Marines, including Sergeant Basilone. He gallantly gave his life in the service of his country. homes for sale by owner corryton, tn, weekly horoscope vogue,
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